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Advisory Services

Distributed ledgers or Blockchain are being leveraged by a variety of industries for multiple applications. The applications are wide-ranging, as the potential of Blockchain continues to be discovered.

As experts in Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence like disruptive technologies, ChainOne has indepth expertise and insights to provide valuable advisory services on strategies including Go-to-market, Investment Diligence, IP protection, ICO marketing and roadmap, board guidance, token control, how to best apply, integrate, and benefit from Blockchain technology.

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Turnkey Blockchain Development

Putting a great ideas into implementation takes the right set of skills. Our in-house technical team has complete command of blockchain node creation, proficient in Python, C++, Go, Java, and others. We have the expertise to create and manage your user wallets, and help you incorporate metadata and external references. ChainOne also specialize in smart contract creation in Solidity and Serpent, and can generate smart contracts as well as custom web and mobile User Interfaces for your platform.   We offer full-service including project management, coding, security audit, compiling, and testing for your blockchain platform to ensure that your product is fully functional and bug-free. We also provide a complete implementation package in order to move your blockchain platform directly into the market through the fastest and cleanest method.

Token Development and Distribution

ICO is a way for cryptocurrency development firm to reach large number of investors by raising money in the interest to grow and expand the company. When aesthetics and presentation are the building blocks of any successful campaign, our duly concocted ICO services will build TRUST among potential investors and help you raise the necessary capital for your business.    We carefully design and build optimum models for cryptocurrency tokens and prepare it for the ICO launch, within weeks. We help with the end to end cycle including exchange listing services, marketing and community building.

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Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)

We offer you a fully hosted and managed platform on various technologies including Multichain, Ethereum and Hyperledger. The platform enables you for development, Test, 24×7 support and Implementation your Blockchain solutions on cloud using our Blockchain as a Service Offering